Cultural Diversity Celebration ’24

Cultural Diversity Celebration 2024

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Welcome, ようこそ, Bienvenidos, Καλώς Ορίσατε to Cultural Diversity Celebration!

The world is full of adventure so let’s explore together! 

Performance Schedule

Central Gym:
6-6:25 and 7-7:30pm – Umoja People the Ensemble African Dance & Drummers
6:25-6:35pm – Thistle and Heather Highland Dancers
6:35-7pm and 7:30-8pm – Sambrazilian Samba Dancers

Grab your passports and visit these classrooms for a cultural experience!


Holland/ Netherlands – Neal Room #207 – Hosted by the Brouwer Family
Goedenavond!  Holland is a province of the Netherlands, a country in northwestern Europe, known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes.  Come play traditional Dutch games, watch a video of Holland’s scenic landscape, and taste Stroopwaffels. .

India – Evans Room #202 – Hosted by the Khanna Family
Step into the kaleidoscope of Indian culture! Enjoy delicious mango juice and traditional sweets.Try on a colorful clothing including a sparkly bindi and jingly bangles that make music as you move. Listen to catchy Bollywood songs set to music videos filled with dancing and color. Play traditional Indian games like Carom Board, and learn how to hold a cricket bat. Explore the rich cultural heritage of India through interactive maps, rangoli coloring pages, and children’s books.

Italy – Bindon Room #206 – Hosted by the Claps Family
Ciao Bella! Step inside for traditional Italian music and foods. Take a fun picture with your family and friends. 


Ireland – Conover Room #100 – Hosted by the Bosch Family
“Haigh!” Get ready to learn all about the history, culture, and geography of Ireland (also known as “The Emerald Isle”).  Craft to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day!


Lebanon – Desmond Room #200 – Hosted by the Coover Family
Marhaban bikum fi lubnan! Welcome to Lebanon. Come immerse yourselves in Lebanese culture – listen to Arabic music and learn the traditional Dabke dance, play a game of Al Barjees, and enjoy pita w/ hummus & Lebanese baklava for dessert!

Lithuania – Marotta Room #102 –  Hosted by the Bursua Family and Koncius Family
Labas! Welcome to Lithuania, one of the three Baltic countries in eastern Europe. Come visit us to learn about Lithuania’s various traditions, language (one of the oldest in the world!), taste Lithuanian wedding cake, watch a video of the beautiful landscape, and learn about the culture. 

Mexico – Chumley Room #101- Hosted by the Madrigal/Benitez and Jimenez Families
¡Hola Amigos! Come learn a little about the Mexican culture. Play lotería, create papel picado and learn how to make tortillas! Enjoy some yummy conchas and Mexican hot chocolate.


Native American Experience – Mazza Room #108 – Hosted by the Strobel Family
Welcome to a Native American experience! Come get immersed in the art and music of our nation’s first peoples! Sculpt a clay pot like the Navajo, nibble on a traditional Potowatomi treat, create a beaded necklace like the Salish, and experience a modern-day Pow wow full of dance and drumming!

Poland – Early Room #109 – Hosted by the Kaczmarck Family
Cześć! Welcome to a cultural journey through Poland! Join this vibrant experience and delve into Polish culture. Try a game of trivia, explore the famous landmarks, and immerse yourself in the country’s language and music. Indulge your taste buds with the delicious flavors of pierogis, kielbasa and more.

Scotland – Crowley Room #201Hosted by the Valente Family
Fàilte gu Alba! Scotland is a lush, beautiful country bursting with green spaces, lush forests, towering mountains and vast lochs (the Scottish word for lakes!). Come visit us to learn about our culture, people and food. Hear music and sample delicious Scottish treats. 

Venezuela – Halusek Room #204 – Hosted by the Lawton Family
¡Bienvenidos a Venezuela! Stop by to discover the beautiful diversity that exists in the country of Venezuela. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about the breathtaking geography of the country, create your own maracas and hear traditional Venezuelan music. We will also be serving small bites so you can taste the flavors of the culture.


RAFFLE!  All proceeds will benefit Central Elementary School


Special Thank You to our Room Hosts and Volunteers for creating this journey around the world!