Flying Carpet Club

Flying Carpet Clubs are Central PTO’s lunch/recess Junior Great Books groups for children in grades 1-5.  We meet once a week for 9-10 weeks, starting the week of January 13th.

Because we meet during lunch/recess, Club Members do not participate in recess on meeting days.  Club Members must read the story of the week (or have it read to them) twice prior to their Club meeting.  On meeting days, they must come prepared with their book, sack lunch (nut free) and drink.  If you are unsure whether your child would enjoy this as an alternative to the regular lunch/recess program, please contact his or her teacher to discuss.

Clubs are small to promote shared inquiry and the quality exchange of ideas. Slots are allotted on a first come first served basis. Please fill out the online registration form no later than Monday, December 2. Used books can be borrowed from the PTO at no cost. Any student wishing to have their own book, may order one (info will be provided) for approximately $20.

Club Members will receive their books the week prior to their first meeting, together with a Welcome Letter, Reading Itinerary, and Parent Information Letter.

If you have questions, please contact:
Cari Hermann:, 630-336-4945
Alexandra Blomgren:, 312-371-2049

Flying Carpet Club Signup

CLOSED until next year!