Committee Descriptions

  • Fall Fundraisers
    Join the Central Auction committee to help put together this fundraiser, which
    raises money to support our Cultural Arts and Artist in Residence Programs. All
    children at Central benefit from these enriching PTO-sponsored programs.
    When: This event takes place every other year in the fall (even years). Some
    activities are outlined below.
    • Plan and execute the party including decorations, set up, clean up, venue and
    • Create and produce all brochures, invitations, marketing materials and raffle
    • Create a marketing plan, sell Ad space in the brochure and be the gateway for all
    communication regarding the Auction.
    • Procure Parent and Business donations and organize Teacher donations.
    Charleston Wrap and Gifts (Used to be Innisbrook)
    Help make one of our largest fundraisers a success by being part of a team to
    motivate the kids to sell premium giftwrap and gifts. Online ordering makes this
    fundraiser a cinch! You just have to get the kids excited to ask friends and family
    to purchase the high quality product and oversee distribution.
    When: Usually runs from mid-September through delivery in November.
    Kids Art (Original Works) Fundraiser
    Students create a single colorful drawing at home that can be reproduced on
    various items and purchased by parents, families and friends. Items included are
    aprons, potholders, note cards, nightlights, coasters, kitchen trivets and many
    other choices. Committee members assist with compiling student orders to send
    to the artwork vendor and distribute final products to the student. When: Usually
    runs for approximately 2 weeks in the beginning of October.
    Spirit Wear
    Research vendors, prepare flyer, take orders, and distribute Central School
    sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. Spirit Wear sale takes place early in school year. When:
    Usually begins in early November.
    Winter Fundraisers
    Book Fair
    There are many varied opportunities to help with this week-long event in the
    winter time. Volunteers are needed to set up, decorate, and plan the schedule for
    shopping and related events with classroom teachers, to serve as cashiers, to
    assist shoppers, and to take down. Working parents can oversee volunteer
    scheduling at home. Those not available during the day are also encouraged to
  • work the evening of our family event (Book Fair Social) held in conjunction with
    the fair. (This chair also has the option of running a one day only BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) book fair in MayWhen: Usually begins at the end of January.
    Ongoing School Fundraising Programs
    Central 100% Fund
    Promote and monitor participation in one of the PTO’s most lucrative fundraisers!
    Solicit tax-deductible contributions (primarily from the Central School community)
    to provide funds needed for budgeted PTO programs and activities. A good job
    for working parents since most can be done from home with few, if any, meetings
    required. When: Begins 1st week of school.
    Brick Pavers
    Promote the brick paver dedication program in front of the school during the fall
    and/or spring with flyers. This committee does not require your presence at
    school. Great for working parents! When: Anytime, but official promotion can
    begin in January.
    Soup Label and Box Top program
    Promote and sort the collection of labels and box tops collected through the
    Tyson Project A+, Campbell’s Labels for Education and Box Tops for Education
    Programs redeemable for items used at Central School. Much of this can be
    done at home on your own schedule. When: Begins 1st week of school.
    “FUN”Raising and Educational Activities
    After School Roadrunner Retreat
    Previously called the “skating party” committee but now we are expanding to
    include other ideas! Your involvement includes reserving an event space (think
    ice rink/roller rink/bouncy park/the MAX, etc) and sending out promotional flyers.
    When: This usually takes place in February on a half-day Friday and/or other half
    days during the school year. Coordinate dates with PTO.
    Book Fair Social
    A great job for a working parent who is not available during school hours! This
    event coincides with the book fair. Involves organizing volunteers to provide
    baked goods, serve goodies and have fun! When: This event usually takes place
    on the Thursday evening during the week of the Book Fair
    Birthday Boards
    This committee honors all of the student and staff birthdays on the bulletin board
    in the hallway outside the office. Great opportunity to show off your creativity!
    When: Preparation of the bulletin board begins in September, and changes every
    month, or every other month.
  • Cultural Arts, Appreciation for the Arts Coordinator
    Investigate and coordinate a large art appreciation event for the school (think
    workshop on African dancing, a famous author or poet, a community-wide art
    event; the sky is the limit and creative thinkers welcome!). This event occurs
    every year. When: Usually takes place in the spring.
    Cultural Arts, Classroom Presentation Liaison
    There are many opportunities to help with this yearlong program. The Cultural
    Arts Classroom presentation program provides for parent volunteers to give
    monthly presentations in each classroom about selected artists and pieces of art
    and supervise a hands-on related art activity. This committee guides the
    program. The committee ensures that our Lead Room Parents schedule
    volunteers for the presentations and offers volunteers training and access to
    presentation materials. When: Promotion and volunteer orientation occurs in
    September, and classroom presentations take place monthly from October
    through April.
    Cultural Arts, Field Trips
    Working in conjunction with the teachers, you will coordinate the annual Cultural
    Arts field trips for grades K-5. The field trips in the past have included the
    following: a kindergarten trip to the Riverside Art Center, a 1st grade historical
    tour of Central School and Riverside, a 2nd grade theater outing, a 3rd grade
    Chicago experience by bus (i.e, Chicago History Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo),
    a 4th grade tour of a Frank Lloyd Wright home or museum (i.e., Robie House),
    and a 5th grade excursion by train to Chicago for an architectural tour downtown
    and a tour at the Art Institute. When: Planning begins in the fall. Field trips
    usually occur in May or June.
    Cultural Heritage Festival
    This exciting PTO event provides the Central School community an evening
    venue to travel the world exploring various aspects of different cultures from
    food, crafts, music and more! There are numerous ways to help in this large-
    scale event. A Leadership committee will oversee the event planning. Country
    sponsors will host a particular country and related activities. Working parents or
    those not available during the day can oversee volunteer scheduling and work
    shifts the evening of the family event. When: Cultural Heritage Fair will alternate
    every other year in the spring (even years, but will be occurring in 2017 as well).
    The event usually takes place in April with planning to begin in January.
    Family Fun Night
    Plan, organize and execute a Fall Family Night at Central. When: Fall Family Fun
    Night usually takes place on a Friday, the 2nd or 3rd week of September.
    5th Grade Games Night
    You are responsible for the following activities: 1) organizing Central School’s 5th
    grade T-shirt design contest and ordering of the Central school 5th grade T-shirts
    (worn at Games Night, field trips and picnic); 2) planning the spring all District 96
    Games Night in conjunction with volunteers from the other elementary schools.
    For Games Night, on a rotational basis, one District 96 elementary school takes
    the lead in coordinating the volunteers/activities with other schools. The current
    rotational list of responsibilities can be found here. All 5th-Grade parents are
    encouraged to volunteer. When: The T-shirt design contest takes place in
    January-February. Games Night usually takes place the 2nd Friday of April.
    5th Grade Picnic
    Plan and coordinate the end of the year 5th grade picnic. Usually held at the Big Ball Park. When: Picnic usually take place within the last 2 weeks of school.
    Flying Carpet Club
    This is a fun format for introducing children in grades 1-5 to stories of literary
    merit from around the world selected by the Great Books Foundation. Using
    “shared inquiry” method of discussion, plus a healthy dose of creativity, we lead
    small groups of 6-8 children once-a-week on literary adventures during the
    lunch/recess hour. When: The club meets 10 weeks between return from Winter
    break January until Spring break in March.
    Fall Program: Halloween Assembly at Central School
    Coordinate an all-grade assembly at Central on the day of the Halloween party.
    Assist in the planning and execution of Central’s Halloween program (e.g., in
    past we have done a “mad scientist” show).
    Halloween Festivities District Wide (Village Event)
    For the Village event, coordinate Central School’s participation in this District-
    wide, creative Halloween program. Children in grades K-5 paint Halloween art on
    paper for display in the windows of Riverside business. Each year, one school
    has the responsibility of coordinating this event for all of the schools, which
    entails obtaining a venue for the painting, contacting the Chamber of Commerce
    for permission to display the art, securing art supplies, and preparing the flyer to
    promote the event. The coordinating school also secures volunteers for the event
    and is responsible for set up and clean up, as well as for placing/removing the
    artwork in the businesses’ windows with other volunteers. In the past, a
    Recreation Department room inside of the Water Tower was used for the event.
    When Central is not the coordinating school, the chair assists the coordinating
    school with the above responsibilities. When: Mid October with planning starting
    in September. Check rotational list to determine which school has primary
    responsibility for Village event