Brief History of Central PTO

For the first time in over forty years, capital improvements are being done to Central School during the summer of 2012. These much needed improvements include new electricity, lighting, plumbing, heating , the installation of central air conditioning, replacement of broken fixtures, and asbestos abatement. In preparation for this major construction, all PTO (“Parent Teacher Organization”) and school items were moved to public storage.

Taking inventory of our PTO items inspired a desire to document the history of Central PTO, create a pictorial record all PTO items, and to provide a factual background reflecting the significance of donated artwork, memorials, landscaping, and other PTO items. We hope that future PTO members will enjoy as well as add to this record.  Four copies of the book containing the PTO history and record of all PTO items were provided to:  Dr. Lamberson, Dr. Limperis, the PTO President (Lynda Murphy) and Patty Prodanich in the school library.

You can download the Brief History of Central PTO as a PDF or Microsoft Word format.

In addition, you can find the pictorial record here.  A copy of this book was given to the principal (Dr. Limperis), the superintendent (Dr. Lamberson), Patty Prodanich/Ellen Nolan in the Central Library as well as the Central PTO President.  The hope is that these books will be passed on to their successors.

Molly Carl, Amy Jacksic, and Jeannine Glavas (March 2012)